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As an industry leader, our goal is to set the standards of Corporate Responsibility to our environment needs. Integrated Sign Associates believes there is no other cause more important than this.

Our company actively searches for products and materials that reflect our commitment for a greener community and world. Listed below you will find several key products that have an impact and tangible affect on our environment.


Often customers hear the words "waterborne" or "water-based" and immediately assume these products contain no VOCs at all, which is actually not the case. Volatile Organic Compounds are the organic solvents used in standard paint formulations which serve as the carrier for paint pigment. When paint dries or begins the curing process, the odor that is detected comes from the evaporation of VOCs used in the solvent vehicle and the tinting pigments.

The new benchmark MAP-LV acrylic polyurethane paint limits VOC content to a revolutionary 50 g/L or 0.4172 lbs per gallon while delivering superior color and durability. Conversely, automotive grade water-based paints contain VOC levels as high as 461 g/L or 3.85 VOC lbs per gallon.

With the introduction of the new MAP-LV series, Matthews Paint continues to lead the industry with environmentally-minded products while maintaining our high standards of performance.


If a hotel chain switched the box signs in 350 of its hotels from fluorescent lamps to a stadard LED lighting source and products, it could avoid approximately 550 metric tons of CO2 emissions on the U.S. grid per year, assuming usage of 12 hours per day.

This is equivalent to the CO2 absorbed annually by approximately 150 acres of southeastern U.S. forest or the CO2 emissions of over 105 cars on U.S. roads.

We take a proactive approch in vetting all vendors to make sure they meet or exeed our high standards of product quality, but also business ethics and responsibility.


The Energy Policy Act of 2005 introduced a tax incentive directed at improving commercial building energy efficiencies. The Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction, codified as IRC § 179D, (the “Deduction”) encourages building owners and companies to improve facilities’ energy usage. Hence, “Going Green” not only saves on utility bills, but it can also save taxes!

The Deduction also provides tangential benefits in the form of rebates from utility providers such as American Electric Power and low interest financing sponsored by the Ohio Department of Development.

Regrettably, this deduction is used by only about ten percent (10%) of otherwise qualifying projects. And, it is probably even less frequently considered in the cost/benefit analyses of most renovation projects. Don’t have regrets; save money and taxes!

Contact us 619-579-2229 to see how Integrated Sign Associates can help you earn thousands a year on tax credits and dedcutions.