Types of signs

For every logo or brand, there is a perfect style of sign

Your logo looks amazing on paper. You are excited to open your store and start have your business thrive. Did you know that your sign will be your biggest source of advertising? It will never take a break, ask for a sick day, ask for a vacation or go to sleep on the job. It will be there advertising who you are every day and every night.

In order for your #1 source of advertising to be at its best, we need to make sure the way we build your sign is the best way to display your logo. Many logos look great in 2D, but when you make a sign and it is a 3D sign, the image may get distorted or worse, hard to read.

Below, you will see many different styles of signage that we build all the time. One of these styles will compliment your logo more than others. Please peruse these different styles and then contact us for one of our trained consultants to start the process. Thank you.

Types of Signs for Your Business

For every logo or brand, there is a perfect style of sign. The right sign can draw more customers to your business, and even more important, help you drive more sales than ever before.

Your logo looks amazing on paper, and you are excited to open your store and watch your business thrive.

Did you know that your sign will be your biggest source of advertising? It will never take a break, ask for a sick day, ask for a vacation or go to sleep on the job. It will be there to advertise who you are every day and every night.

Commercial Signage Company

In order for your number one source of advertising to be at its best, you must work with a custom sign company. The sign company of your choice should have the machinery and materials necessary to create custom signs that increase foot-traffic and customers while speaking to your brand.

At Integrated Signs, we prioritize our clients’ designs to ensure they speak to their brand and company as a whole so they can feel confident their sign will do its job.

Above, you will see a wide variety of signage styles that we consistently build. Some of these styles will complement your logo more than others, while others will merely grab the attention of passers-by.

Custom Sign Design

It’s important to talk to an expert to understand what kind of sign is right for you. At Integrated Signs, we’re available to help you decide on the right sign for your business, as well as design a custom exterior sign, interior sign or even commercial sign to best fit your business. As you peruse our different types of signs, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We’re here to help you decide on the right sign for your business!

After you’ve decided, we offer free quotes and free sketches to help you make your final decision. We look forward to being your signage partner.

2 Sign Types and How to Decide Which Is Right for Your Business

There are two main types of signs you have to choose from when deciding on signage for your business — interior signage and exterior signage.

It’s not difficult to determine what differentiates the two kinds of signs due to their self-explanatory names — interior signage refers to signs you place inside your business location while exterior signage appears outside your location. Each different type of sign has benefits, and various businesses choose them for different reasons. Read on to learn more about the two kinds of signs, what kinds of signs are included in each group and what businesses will benefit the most from each.

Interior Signage

Interior signage is exactly what it sounds like — signs that appear inside your business.

Here are interior signs we offer at Integrated Signs:

These sign types are typically found inside your business and have many characteristics that make them desirable. Let’s talk about each.

Code Signage

Code signage helps regulate building accessibility per state and federal guidelines. These signs include things such as stairwell signs, elevator signs and floor level signs. They also include braille to help those who are blind. Although code signage is primarily considered interior signage, there are also exterior forms of code signage such as accessible parking and handicap signage.

Cubicle Signage

Cubicle signs allow office workers to find coworkers in a sea of cubicles. They include things such as the name of the person working in the cubicle, and could even include their position or phone number.

Directional Signage

If you’ve ever felt lost in a doctor’s office or office building, you know the importance of directional signage. These signs help point visitors in the right direction with room numbers, office information and more. They are also known as wayfinding signage.

Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphics can be signs or works of art. You can use them to create a realistic landscape or image on one or more walls of your business, but they also function as signage.

Exterior Signage

Exterior signage appears on the outside of your building location.

Here are some exterior sign options we offer at Integrated Signs:

With such a wide variety of exterior signage options for your business, it’s important to know a little more about each before you make a decision. Keep reading to learn more about the kinds of exterior signage offered by Integrated Signs.

Blade Signs

Blade signs project out from the side of a building. They help passers-by notice a specific storefront by projecting the logo and signage perpendicular to the building instead of parallel.

Environmental Graphics

Environmental graphics play on the existing architecture and landscaping to create signage that encourages visitors to connect. These unique graphics are popular in parks and at stadiums.


Non-illuminated signage is just what you might think — signage on the outside of your building that isn’t lit. This kind of signage is still highly-customizable, though.

Face Lit Channel Letters

Face lit channel lettering is known as one of the most common illuminated signs. They are essentially 3D letters that illuminate a logo or brand on the outside of your building. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, too.

Reverse Channel Letters

Reverse channel letters create a high-dollar look and feel. Light is projected behind the letters of your sign instead of within the letters to create a beautiful halo effect.

High-Rise Signage

High-rise signage makes it easier to find and locate high-rise buildings by placing illuminated signage at the top.

Monument Signs

Monument signs can feature a wide variety of materials, including stone and metal, to create the look you’re going for. If you opt for a monument sign for your single business, your name and logo will likely take up the entire monument sign. However, monument signage is also popular for plazas, strip malls and office buildings with multiple offices to show businesses inside.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs, also known as pole signs, are typically the signs you see driving down the highway — towering above all other signs. You must check your local rules on signage to ensure that a high pylon sign is allowed. These signs can be single or double-sided and be illuminated or not.

Why Choose Integrated Signs?

If you’re questioning exactly what kind of sign is right for your business, contact the experts at Integrated Signs for help. We’re happy to talk about the different types of signs and which is best for your needs. We’ll get to know your location and well as your industry to help you determine the best sign for the job. Contact us today for more information!

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