On-site Meeting & Consultation

The first step in ordering a sign

Meeting with one of our first-class consultants is a great first step in making sure your idea becomes a reality

Designs / Blueprints

Mocking up what will soon be a reality

Having the ability to photoshop your ideas onto the wall before you purchase makes sure you know exactly what you are getting, even before the first letter is created


Reaching a common goal for both parties

Now that the logo is ready, it is time to have a contract drawn up, so we can start building your masterpiece

Project Management

A single person to manage your project

We know that each sign that goes through our shop is special. So we have assigned a project manager to each project to make sure it gets that special attention deserved


For every city, there unique set of rules to follow

The local municipality wants to make sure we are installing signs with the right sizes. In order to do this, we need to get a permit


The right tool for the right job

When you are making channel letters, you want the best channel letter bender. When painting a sign, you want to make sure the best quality paints are used. Here at Integrated Signs, we do too.

Installation & Service

The moment we have all been waiting for...

Signage going up is a great moment in your business. It is so much fun to see your own branding go up for the future customers to see. A very proud moment for you and Integrated Signs