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The Best Office Branding Ideas to Transform Your Workplace

Are you redecorating your office? Maybe you’re moving into a new space or adding a second office. Either way, the art of office decor is a skill that can tangibly show the world who you are as a company. Office branding creates a connection between visitors or employees and your corporate identity.  From incorporating your logo to adding some subtle nods to your company, there are many things you can do to show off your brand.

What Is Office Branding?

You probably already have a brand identity for your company. Your logo, color palette, website, social media and more all have a distinct look and feel that says, “This is our company.” Branding shows what a business stands for, who they work for, why they do what they do and more. Office branding is a significant and often overlooked aspect of branding. It personalizes the skeleton of your work area into one that reflects your company’s values
Exterior office branding shows the world where you do business. Interior office design lets your employees live and breathe your company culture. To your clients, your office demonstrates your professionalism and style. Robust, consistent branding reinforces your values to employees and helps you stand out to customers
Office branding consists of everything from the carpeting to the overhead lighting. How you place greenery, workstations and break rooms all influence company culture. The textures and building materials throughout your office create a specific vibe. For a quick reference, consider the difference in the interior at a local restaurant or coffee shop versus a national chain. At both places, the furniture, colors, lighting and signage all build atmosphere. A local eatery might create a relaxing environment with warm lighting and soft seatingA fast-food franchise might reflect their quick service and bold flavors with bright colors and functional furniture.

What Are Some Office Branding Ideas I Can Use?

The first step is to define your brand and values. Do you value trust and honesty with your customers? Are you innovators in your industry? An open office plan can reflect these traits.

There are many things you can do to shape your office and make it yours. The first step is to define your brand and values. Do you value trust and honesty with your customers? Are you innovators in your industry? An open office plan can reflect these traits. Do you offer world-class service and premium products? An upscale and sleek office can prove your superior quality. Once you define your brand’s personality, you’ll learn what direction to take your office design.

Need fresh ideas for your interior design? Check these out.

Add Branded Color Blocks

Your logo symbolizes your business and the promise you make to customers. The colors in that logo can also represent everything you stand for, less directly. You might even have a specific color named after your brand. A pop of color can add personality to your office, brightening everyone’s day along the way. You can create an accent wall decal modeled after your branded color palette or incorporate it into the color of desk partitions or the chairs in the break room.

Tell Your Brand Story

An accent wall can do more than add a pop of color. It can also tell the story of your brand. A long hallway is a perfect canvas for branded graphics to illustrate your company timeline or create a bold statement wall out of your slogan.

Use High-Quality Materials

No matter your brand, the look of your office reflects your products and services. A well-made, comfortable chair in the lobby leaves the impression that your company is high-quality, too. Invest in furniture and wall signage that will look as good on day one as they do five years from now. When you focus on quality, you won’t have to refurnish your office again anytime soon.

Prioritize Comfort and Functionality

Environment design is a multi-media art form. Things should look good, feel good and work well for the people who use the office every day. Sleek chairs that offer no lumbar support may look great, but the teams who use them every day might need something more supportiveThe best way to communicate your brand to employees is to create a comfortable and productive work environment. Offer cafe/lounge spaces as well as quiet work areas, invest in quality furniture and dress up spaces with greenery.

How Can I Use Signs to Brand My Office?

When we think of corporate branding for offices, one of the first things that comes to mind is signage. Three-dimensional signs transform your logo into something tangible and add texture to your work environment. Signs set the mood for your business and provide directions to visitors. They’re often the first impression your business leaves on customers and new hires. Here are some ways to use signs in your interior office design.

  1. Logo signage: The logo on the exterior of a building makes a statement right away. It’s a bold directive and a visually stunning representation of the brand. A logo is the focal point of your brand and should be the focal point of your building, too.
  2. Directory signs: A large company with many floors or a co-working space housing many businesses can each use easy-to-read and attractive directory signs. They give visitors a positive first experience as they enter the building. They can also be a great branded feature that includes your logo or the logos of each of the tenants.
  3. Suite ID signs: In a co-working space, a suite ID sign is your chance to make your area stand out. It distinguishes you from your neighbors and gives your team a recognizable emblem of your company. They’re also a consistent labeling system for the various departments in your business.
  4. Window graphics: Vinyl window branding graphics give you the freedom to express your brand in many ways. Hang them on a street-facing window to draw in customers, or in offices for a playful element. You can use window graphics to show off more than your logo by turning your slogan into a statement piece. In a design that crosses efficient workspaces with great branding, frosted windows do double dutyThey create an element of privacy for glass doors and breakout rooms, and subtly show off your brand with a logo or a textured pattern.
  5. Lobby signs: At the lobby or front desk reception, interior logo signage greets visitors with an on-brand message right away. Lobby signs create a focal point for your business. It also showcases your business and lets visitors know they’re in the right place.

Up Your Office Branding With Integrated Signs

Up your office branding with Integrated Signs

When creating a branded office space, it’s important to have signage that showcases who you are. It’s a visual statement. It’s also a physical one. That’s why at Integrated Signs, we never cut corners. We build high-quality signs that will last for years and continue to show the world why you’re one of the best in the business.
Our specialists have a wealth of knowledge that can turn your dream signs into reality. If you’re ready to take your office signage to the next level, let us know! Call us at 619-579-2229 or contact us for a free estimate and get started with a free drawing today.