• September 4, 2019
reasons to invest in business signs

Reasons to Invest in Business Signs

While you probably have a good idea about what a business sign is, you might be unaware of how many benefits that business signs bring. If you have not yet invested in signs for your business, there are several reasons to consider adding them.

The Different Uses of Signs

One of the best features of a sign is that it can be used for a variety of purposes. You see countless signs throughout the day, but you probably don’t appreciate all of the functions that they are performing. From strengthening your brand image to giving directions and advertising your latest product, a sign can serve a number of uses that will benefit your company.

1. Advertising

One of the main purposes of signage is to advertise your business. Every time you drive down the highway, you see billboards for a number of businesses that are all trying to market their products or services. Additionally, many businesses will have outdoor signs above their businesses, calling attention to their company. Wherever these signs are located, they are all marketing a company to consumers.

Along with advertising the business as a whole, a sign can advertise a particular product. A sign can be easily adjusted to advertise your newest product or service, and it can be updated for a low cost as the need arises.

2. Location Finder

A sign can also help consumers find their way to your location. This can be in the form of a highway billboard saying “Take Exit 300 and Turn Left,” or it can be a roadside sign that tells a driver to turn at the next street. This sort of signage can be helpful for drivers who are trying to find a business.

The right signage can also attract people off the street — those who may not necessarily be looking for your business in particular. When they see your sign, though, they may decide to wander in or seek out the services you provide.

3. Direction Finder

Similar to a location finder sign, a direction finder is more localized. You’ll often see them on the outside of a building, directing them to your front door or to specific sections of an organization. Additionally, you’ll often find them inside larger buildings to point people toward specific offices, the restroom or other relevant facilities.

4. Mood Setter

set the vibe with business signs

A sign can, and should, help you set the vibe you want your business to portray, whether it’s sophisticated, trendy, fun or reliable. In addition to the various types of fonts you can incorporate into your sign, be sure to use the right colors as well. Colors can elicit certain emotions from people, so incorporating them into your sign means you can cater to those emotions and entice them to visit as they walk or drive by your location.

5. Meet Legal Requirements

ADA signage is important for any business as it ensures you are complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Along with meeting legal requirements, this signage ensures your business is accessible for those with disabilities. Generally, these signs will be easy to read, whether that be visually or through touch. You see these types of signs every day in the form of signage for restrooms, exits, fire routes and other key areas of a building.

Why Invest in a Business Sign?

If you don’t use signage in your marketing strategy, you are likely missing out on all of the benefits of business signs. Additionally, if you do use signage, but it’s gone a while without being updated and no longer represents your business accurately, you are also losing out. An old, non-updated sign is not likely to inspire confidence in customers. However, by utilizing the most up to date business signs, you can continue to attract people to your operation.

To receive a broad understanding of the benefits of signage, you’ll need to understand what those benefits are and why they are possible through signs. Below are of the top reasons to integrate effective signage into your marketing strategy.

1. Provides Cost-Effective Marketing

A sign is one of the only pieces of advertising that your company actually owns. It only requires a one-time financial investment, and then it’s yours forever to do with as you please. An advertisement that you run on TV or online will be a repeated expense that is only temporary. In contrast, a sign can stay up for as long as you’d like, requiring only cleaning and perhaps some small repairs.

Along with the long term financial benefits that come with purchasing a sign, this form of advertising has staying power that will continue to pay for itself. When you look at cost-per-thousand exposure, you’ll be able to see that you’ll be able to deliver high-quality results for a lower cost when compared to other marketing mediums.

2. Reaches Drivers and Other Passersby

signs attracting customers

A recent study found, on average, American drivers spend 17,6000 minutes driving. That means a roadside sign is a perfect way to draw attention to your business and generate brand awareness to a large set of the population.

With people constantly on the go, it’s no surprise that 50% of customers surveyed reported that a sign was their first exposure to a business. Due to a sign’s power to introduce others to your business, it’s one of those marketing tools that can be considered a must. Business signs can spread your brand awareness and bring customers to your company.

3. Inspires Impulse Stops and Purchases

On top of grabbing the attention of those passing by, a sign can also pull shoppers into your store who were originally not planning on coming by. A sign that is near the business can point people to you and will inspire customers to come to check out what you can provide. Once they check your business out, many will act on impulse and make a purchase.

If you fail to capitalize on impulse shoppers and stops, you’ll lose a significant stream of business. A large portion of purchases are made on impulse, so you’ll want to be to get those shoppers’ attention before they find another store. Good signage will make your business one of the first places they stop at.

4. Allows You to Quickly React to Challenges to the Business

Though a sign will remain a reliable form of marketing, the market conditions in your industry are always going to be changing. As such, your advertising needs are going to change as well. While other forms of advertising will cost a significant amount of money to adjust, a sign can be altered easier and often for a lower cost than other forms of advertising. With a sign, you can always be on-topic and up to date with your messaging.

5. Provides Brand Imaging

Signs are generally highly visible, and a purpose of theirs is to represent the business. An attractive sign will reflect well on the business and establish a professional brand image. Since so many people will see a sign, you can cement whatever image you want in their minds, crafting how they view your business. Your name recognition will go up along with a positive association to your name. Even if people don’t stop to make a purchase, a good sign keeps your business on consumers’ minds.

6. Stands out From the Competition

Not only does effective signage communicate the quality of your company to others, but it also differentiates your company from the competition. For instance, if your competitor doesn’t have any outdoor signage, you’ve automatically put yourself in the lead. For companies whose competitors do have signs up, you’ll want to see what they’re doing right, and end up doing it better.

To really stand out, work with a professional sign designer who knows how to make signs look as attractive as possible to consumers. They will be able to match you with the appropriates types of signs that will work for the needs of your business. Along with finding the right types of signs, they can help you figure out what sort of designs are going to look best and attract the most customers.

7. Advertises 24/7

A billboard is going to be visible 24/7 every day of the year, making it the most consistent form of advertising around. With illuminated signage, you can keep your sign visible throughout even the darkest hours of the night. Even when your business is closed, your sign will be working for you, letting night owls and early birds know that you want their business. This sort of staying power alone makes signs an excellent investment.

Due to an outdoor sign’s constant advertising, some will worry that it will too often be at risk of damage from the elements. Where other marketing materials can be taken down or used indoors, outdoor signage is often rooted in one spot, unable to be moved easily. Quality signage, however, will be able to endure any sort of inclement weather from rain to blizzards. No matter the weather, a sign will be a reliable marketing strategy that can stand up to wear and tear.

What Kind of Signs Should You Choose?

most popular business signs

There are several different types of signs that you can use to advertise your business to consumers. Some of the most popular signs are monument signs, directories for the inside of lobbies, interior ADA signage and exterior signage. Below are more details on some of the most popular signs:

1. Monument Signage

Monument signs are excellent ways to grab the attention of potential customers if your building isn’t directly on the street. The monument sign can sit street side and get people to notice your business. Generally, these signs will contain a business’ logo, the address and the name of the company.

This signage should also set the mood for the building and the business as a whole. Due to the sign being the first thing a customer is likely to see, it should say something about the type of business you run. Along with setting the mood, it should match the overall design and theme of the building. You want to present a consistent image to consumers and maximize your chances of new customer engagement.

2. Interior Signage

If you have a large building with different departments or if you share a building with other companies, a directory in the lobby that shows people to the appropriate room will be perfect for you. These signs will be highly customizable and easy to adjust for changing tenants or text. You want your customers or clients to know where to go when they enter your building, so you’ll need to have a directory.

Additionally, when a customer enters your building, you want them to immediately know what kind of company you are. Send a message with interior signage that greets them as soon as they open the door. Many offices like to include interior signage in their lobby or reception area as it can quickly communicate the quality of service and the personality of the company.

3. External Signage

Drawing attention to your business is one of the most important roles of a sign. With an exterior sign that contains face lit letters, you can illuminate your sign’s message, making it visible to others even at night. The channel lettering and internal lighting make this kind of sign perfect for a business that operates after it gets dark out or who want to advertise their image even when they are closed.

Another popular form of external signage is reverse channel letter signage. These signs utilize lighting that comes from the back of the lettering that then shines onto the wall behind the letters. This form of lighting will allow for a soft glow that gives an enticing ambiance to a space.

4. Blade and Projecting Signs

If you have a storefront or an office that is on a well-trafficked street, a blade sign can be a great fit as it projects out of the side of a building. They are generally smaller and are designed to be easily hung with a simple frame or pole system. For a more complex look, they can also be hung from decorative armature brackets. These signs can be illuminated or non-illuminated and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Want to Add Signage to Your Business?

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If you’re ready to add signage to your business, you can count on Integrated Signs to help you find the perfect fit for you. We are a family-oriented company that is dedicated to producing only the best quality custom signs.

To find effective signage for your business, you can reach out to one of our representatives who can walk you through the variety of options available to you, and provide some advice. If you already know what you want out of your signs, contact us now for a free estimate.