• October 16, 2020
6 Reasons to use Illuminated Lightbox Signs

6 Reasons to Use Illuminated Lightbox Signs to Separate Your Brand From the Competition

Illuminated lightbox signs for businesses offer the edge you need to let your company stand out. Whether you own a shopping plaza or provide professional services, lightboxes offer 24/7 advertising and visibility. They put a spotlight on your reputation and promise for quality. If you’re looking for a new business sign that incorporates light, consider all the benefits of lightboxes.

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What Is an Illuminated Lightbox Sign?

A sign that integrates LED illumination is a lightbox sign. Typically, these signs stay illuminated 24/7, whether your business is open or closed, day or night. They offer fantastic visibility, allowing you to advertise your business and location in any weather or lighting conditions. The term lightbox specifically refers to a type of sign lit from behind, illuminating a sheet of backlit film with a printed image. The light shining from behind increases the image brightness, color saturation and contrast.

They’re commonly used in pylon signs at shopping plazas. In this setting, they’re usually vertical and rectangular. Businesses arrange their logos and information stacked on top of one another. The light shines through these pylon inserts, allowing customers to see them from far away.

Lightboxes are easily updated because the sign owner can simply insert a new sheet of film. This flexibility makes them great for seasonal promotions, as well as plazas, where businesses may come and go. Lightboxes are usually made from extruded aluminum with acrylic faces. The film inserts are made from a clear material, often translucent vinyl. The LED lights, sealed inside the sign, are safe from the elements. These signs are typically rectangular, although you can find them in circular shapes, too.

Reasons Why You Should Use an Illuminated Lightbox

Reasons Why You Should Use an Illuminated Lightbox

Business signs that use lightboxes offer many advantages, combining visual appeal and utility. The use of light increases nighttime visibility while adding some dimension and professionalism to a printed image. They’ll help your business get found for years to come.

Consider outdoor illuminated lightbox signs because they:

1. Save Energy

The average lighted sign stays lit for 13.9 hours a day. More than 80% of businesses illuminate their signage after hours, and 30% keep them on 24/7. Keeping your sign lit ensures you’re getting the advertising and traffic you need out of your investment. Although, without first considering energy usage, it can lead to quite the energy bill.

Illuminated lightbox signs use extremely efficient LED bulbs. According to the Department of Energy, a 12-watt LED bulb saves 75%-80% of a 60-watt incandescent bulb’s energy. They also have a life of 25,000 hours, compared to 1,000 hours for a traditional bulb.

In signage applications, another popular option for lighted signs is neon. Neon signage is known as one of the most energy-efficient illuminated sign options. The good news is, when adjusting for brightness, LED lighted signs have similar energy efficiency to their neon counterparts.

2. Look Professional

An attractive sign draws in customers. Nearly one-third, or 29% of American consumers, report visiting unfamiliar stores based on the store’s signage quality. An illuminated sign is an elegant way to distinguish your business. The added visibility alone will give your business an air of professionalism.

When compared to one-dimensional printed graphics, the quality is striking. Sign owners rate illuminated signs at 6.21 out of 7 for their importance for enhancing store image. Illuminated lightbox signs send the clear message your business takes care of its outward appearance. Customers know they can expect quality and attention to detail.

The LED lights embedded in a lightbox sign will also enhance professionalism. They are long-lasting and do not flicker or grow dimmer as they near the end of their lifespan. LED offers a brilliant light quality, visible even during the day. Because the lens provides a consistent diffusion of light over the entire sign, you’ll experience a lasting professional look. You won’t experience one letter burning out or flickering. The design stays legible, professional and well-lit until it’s time to replace the bulbs.

3. Lower Your Maintenance Needs

Aluminum, the most common material for a lightbox sign frame, is one of the most durable sign materials. In outdoor or decorative use, it stands up to weather, rust and corrosion. A well-constructed aluminum frame should last seven to 10 years. The plastic or acrylic sign faces will generally last at least 10 years.

The LED lights housed within the sign are also durable. Within the sign, they stay unexposed to the elements, where they perform at peak efficiency. Most estimates place a premium LED bulb’s lifespan anywhere from 25,000 hours to 50,000 hours. If your keep your sign lit for the industry average of roughly 14 hours, your sign will stay lit for anywhere from four to 10 years. At 24-hour illumination, it will last for approximately three to six years. When the LEDs burn out, repairs are as simple as changing out the bulbs.

It’s crucial to remember these low-maintenance benefits are only possible through high-quality construction. Not all lightbox sign makers use the same high-quality LED bulbs or durable materials. Consider how long your sign will last based on material choices before choosing a sign maker.

4. Improve Visibility

An outdoor sign is visual. When you invest in an attractive logo and design, your customers should see it. Your business needs to stand out from the sea of other shops and restaurants nearby. A backlit sign draws more attention than a static, unlit sign.

First, an illegible, hard-to-see sign presents a major issue for retailers. Almost half the population, or 49.7% of American consumers, report driving by and failing to find a business they were looking for. The culprit? Small, unclear signage.

Luminance is considered crucial in the science of sign visibility. Illuminated signage makes text more readable. Legibility is essential because so many Americans have vision problems, which are only made worse in foggy weather or at night. In the dark, illumination impacts drivers’ ability to read a sign.

Business owners who use illuminated signs say they overwhelmingly contribute to customers’ ability to find their locations. One survey asked sign owners to rank the marketing functions of a lighted sign on a seven-point scale, with seven being the most successful. Respondents’ average ranking for their sign’s ability to attract customers to their site was 5.99. With an average score of 6.17, they also agreed the illuminated sign helped them communicate their location. At 58%, most sign owners recognized they would lose sales if they could not light their sign.

5. Reinforce Your Brand Identity

Another thing business owners can agree on — lightboxes show your brand in a positive light. They make your brand colors shine brighter, and your logos and text appear crisp, with plenty of contrast. On average, illuminated sign owners rate their signs 6.27 out of 7 for their ability to brand the location. Branding is about consistency. Since lightbox signs stay on at night, they always let passersby see who you are and what you stand for, even after hours.

6. Offer Flexibility and Customization Options

One of the most appealing aspects of lightbox signs is you can customize them easily. The frame itself is a blank canvas. All the customization comes from the translucent inserts, which are cheaper to produce and switch out. If your shopping plaza welcomes a new tenant, add their name to the pylon with another stackable insert. If your business rebrands or redesigns its logo, update your sign without commissioning a new sign. They can also announce new products or highlight weekly promotions.

When you work the right sign vendor, your custom lightbox sign options are endless. Creative lightbox designers can construct unusual, eye-catching shapes and designs, all lit from within.

Contact Integrated Sign Associates for a One-of-a-Kind Lightbox Sign

Contact Integrated Sign Associates for a One-of-a-Kind Lightbox Sign

Lightboxes can be attractive, professionally branded marketing tools for your business. They’re also practical since they save energy, require little maintenance and can easily update their graphics. With impressive visibility, a large lightbox sign will help your business stand out.

Integrated Signs is your premium outdoor lightbox designer and fabricator in San Diego and nationwide. We take your brand seriously and construct beautiful signs to stand the test of time.

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