• October 6, 2020
Top Reasons to Replace Old Business Signs

Top Reasons to Replace Old Business Signs

The signage for your business is an important visual element for your customers. It’s often the first impression for new customers, a way for people to find you, and a reminder for repeat business. Signs serve as a form of advertising and visual representations of a business that give key information to customers.

Many business owners don’t give their signage much thought, especially after that first investment. However, signs can become damaged or outdated looking over time. Businesses nearby might install new signs with more contemporary styles and new technology that makes them stand out. Business signs need to be replaced for many reasons, and it’s important to keep your signage fresh to keep attracting your customers.

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How Often Should You Replace Your Business Signage?

Knowing how often or when to replace your business sign is a personal decision. There’s no special formula or one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but there are some signals to watch for that indicate it’s a good time for a signage replacement. If you’ve had the same sign for years, perhaps it’s time to consider your options for new signage. Old, outdated or damaged signs look unprofessional and can even be dangerous.

Your business deserves a professional, polished sign that reflects your company clearly. As your business evolves, your sign should too. Trends and consumer tastes also change over time, and it’s important to stay contemporary in the minds of your clients or customers. A signage refresh is an effective form of advertising and a wise investment for your company.

Top Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Business Sign

Top Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Business Sign

A new business sign can provide many benefits for your company, helping your company stay relevant with your essential customers and competitive among other businesses. There are many signs it’s time to replace your sign, as well as reasons you should make this important investment in your business. Let’s take a look at the top reasons to replace your business sign.

New Signage Offers an Improved Look

One of the benefits that’s easiest to see is that a new sign gives your whole business a fresh look. New signs simply look better than the old ones, ensuring your company appears up-to-date and refreshed. There’s just something to be said for that “new” factor when it comes to a sign — you’re bound to attract attention from your customers with a new look.

Today’s business signs have come a long way from years past as far as what’s possible. The technology available allows for completely one of a kind, branded imagery, with colors, designs and styles that really make your company stand out. And getting a new sign doesn’t necessarily mean you have to adopt a totally modern look. A new sign can still capture a retro aesthetic, or whatever style your business wants to project, but with a clean and fresh appearance.

Signage Attracts Attention From New Eyes

Your sign should be an eye-catching advertisement for your business that draws in new customers and directs them to your location. However, an old tired sign just doesn’t command the same level of attention. Potential customers are always walking or driving past your establishment, and without new, updated signage, they may not even realize that you’re there.

A new sign is more likely to attract the attention of people passing by, increasing their curiosity about your business. This is especially important for businesses that rely partially on walk-in business, like retail shops and restaurants. Eye-catching signage is an easy way to increase your customer base — and increase sales too. Draw in new customers while reminding current customers that you are a growing, evolving company with a new sign.

Old Signs Can Be a Liability

Older business signs can sometimes go beyond being unsightly or outdated looking and actually pose a safety hazard. Most business signs are quite large and are often a free-standing structure, apart from the business building itself. It’s crucial to perform regular maintenance checks on these signs and replace them when necessary.

An aged sign that’s not properly maintained can easily fall into disrepair and become a liability issue. Portions of the sign, or even the entire sign, could fall down, hitting a pedestrian or falling on and damaging parked cars or your building. Although this is rare, falling signs have caused injuries and property damage before and definitely could again. This is especially important to note in any area prone to earthquakes. Take special care to secure the structural integrity of your signs if your business is in these areas.

A disaster like this can leave a business facing personal injury lawsuit claims, insurance issues and repair costs for damaged property. The aftermath of a falling sign also includes negative press and a decrease in the way customers perceive your image. They may see a business as uncaring or uninterested in upkeep if the sign has fallen into disrepair and poses a safety hazard.

Old Signage Is No Longer Accurate

Your sign should be an attractive, accurate representation of your business that provides clear information to potential customers, and you always want it to be up to date. An outdated sign with incorrect information could mislead or turn off potential customers. Make sure you’re always presenting current and relevant business info on your signage.

Businesses should always be changing to keep up with their customers’ preferences and industry trends. Companies often make changes to their branding to stay up to date with these evolving styles and modes of business. Small changes to a company name, logo, style or colors should always be reflected on the current business sign as soon as possible to ensure a cohesive look for the business. This makes a business easily and quickly recognizable to customers.

Some signs also include additional information that can easily change over time, from business hours, phone numbers and websites to rates or prices and specific services or products on offer. If any of these details have changed, be sure to change the sign as well to reflect the most updated information. You may also want to advertise new product or service offerings and need a sign to announce these changes.

The Old Sign Is Damaged - A damaged sign is a sure sign that you need a replacement. Corporate signage can be damaged in many ways, leaving behind a dilapidated look that's not good for business.

The Old Sign Is Damaged

A damaged sign is a sure sign that you need a replacement. Corporate signage can be damaged in many ways, leaving behind a dilapidated look that’s not good for business. Just like any other structure, signs can also show aging over time as materials break down or colors fade due to extended sun exposure.

Severe weather can also damage a sign. Heavy rain and snow take their toll on a business sign, causing water damage and weathering. Hail, snow and ice from severe winters can damage paint and dent signs. High winds can blow parts of signs off or carry sands from beaches or deserts, sandblasting the paint. Natural disasters like earthquakes can completely knock over or destroy a sign as well.

Business signs are also sometimes damaged through other methods such as accidents or vandalism. A car from the parking lot backing into your sign or an errant baseball can seriously damage a business sign. Graffiti and other forms of vandalism are also possible sources of damage.

Keeping a damaged sign on your property for too long can make your business look like an unsightly mess. Damaged signs appear unkempt and may cause customers to wonder if the business is even still open. You can avoid the old, run-down look by repairing your sign or completely replacing it right away after it’s been damaged.

Damaged signs are also at a higher risk of falling down or having elements fall off, all of which can cause injuries and further property damage.

The Old Sign Isn’t Visible

The sign for your business should be clearly visible to passersby. This includes being free of obstructions, as well as being well-lit and large enough to see. If your old sign isn’t meeting these standards, it’s time for a more visible replacement.

Consider the location of your business and sign and what kind of traffic passes by. The sign should be an appropriate size and style that catches attention, whether it’s mostly foot traffic or cars driving past. A sign that needs to attract motorists from a freeway will likely have different size and style standards than one on the main street in a small town. Signs serve as a business advertisement and direct customers to your location, so they need to have high visibility.

A too-small sign can be difficult to read, and you’ll lose out on customers. And a sign that’s not lit up at night is similarly losing out on potential. Or perhaps your sign is in a location that’s now overgrown with trees that weren’t around when it was first erected, or other tall buildings have been built nearby. In these cases, you may want to raise the height of your new sign for greater visibility. Making your sign more visible means you’re adding valuable advertising time to your sign.

There’s a Better Location for Your Sign

While our businesses change over time, so does the physical environment around them. Just as with the visibility issue, if trees and landscaping are overgrown around the sign, or new buildings have crowded the area, a better option could be moving the sign to a new location on the property.

Sometimes traffic patterns in the area can change too, and your old sign placement may not be as noticeable from heavier traffic areas. Consider what side of your property has the most exposure and what the local traffic patterns are like. If it’s changed lately, you may want a new sign in a new location that captures the most attention.

Is It Time to Replace Your Sign?

Is It Time to Replace Your Sign?

If your old sign falls under any of the categories previously discussed, it’s time to consider a replacement. A sign that’s damaged, outdated looking, inaccurate or no longer properly visible can hurt your business. It’s important to make your business signage a priority and inspect the sign’s condition every few years.

Look at the following factors that will inform your choices for a new sign:

  • Location: Your sign should be visible and readable from a reasonable distance, as well as in a good location that makes sense on your property. Walk a block or two away from your business in all directions and note just how visible and legible your sign is. Note traffic patterns in the area and consider the best location for a new sign.
  • Quality: Check the condition of your existing sign for any damage, aging or weathering. Which elements have stood the test of time, and which have not? You’ll want a new sign that has high-quality components that withstand the specific weather conditions and other elements unique to your location.
  • Branding: Does your current sign align with your business style? Is your logo current, with colors and lettering that match other business materials? Your new sign should be consistent with your business brand for the most cohesive look.
  • Size: Consider the size of your business sign as well. Has your business grown since you last installed your sign? If so, maybe it’s time for your sign to grow in size as well. Make sure that your sign is large enough to read from a distance, but also proportionate to your building size and the surrounding area.
  • Lighting: Your sign should have quality lighting on all sides to ensure visibility at night. Even if your business is closed, you’re capturing valuable nighttime advertising with a well-lit sign. Consider different types of lighting for your sign, like fluorescent, LED and neon lights, and different styles, such as spotlights, backlighting or channel lighting. Lighting styles can depend on your budget and the overall look you desire, but many options are available.

Business Sign Replacement With Integrated-Signs.

Business Sign Replacement With Integrated Signs

There are many reasons why you should replace your old, damaged or outdated business sign, as well as many benefits from doing so. If your sign is showing signs of disrepair, or you’re in need of a fresh update, Integrated Signs can help. Our team of signage experts have created countless new business signs in the San Diego area and beyond, and are happy to bring their expertise to your company. Replacing business signage is easier than you might think, and Integrated Signs can give you a sign that truly stands out from the competition.

If you’re ready to take your business signage to the next level with a bold, fresh look, contact the experts at Integrated Signs today. Call us at (619)-579-2229 or fill out our quick and easy online contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible and look forward to working with you on your new business sign.


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