Great places for your indoor signage

Great Places for Your Indoor Sign

Signs are more than just a flashy fixture advertising your company. While outdoor signs mainly help draw in new customers and act as a clear marker for your company’s location, indoor signage can be a helpful tool for customers, answer common questions or be a creative piece of art. With a variety of different signage strategically placed throughout your property, you can create a professional atmosphere and enhance your customers’ experience.

Why Do I Need Indoor Signage?

Many business owners believe outdoor signs are the only ones that make any significant impacts on customers because it’s these displays that lure customers to your establishment. While having an eye-catching outdoor sign is no doubt important, it’s indoor signage that will keep customers returning over and over in the future. Interior signage helps provide helpful tips and information or just enhances your decor and creates a fun and lighthearted space.

The most common types of interior signage include informational signs, directional signs, identification signs and brand signs. These different forms of interior signage offer a range of benefits:

  • Brand Reinforcement: Creating a lasting, positive impression is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business, especially when attracting new clients. By repeating your company’s branding through strategic indoor signage placement in lobbies or welcome areas, you constantly remind your customers of your company, your image and the goods and services you offer. When you customize your indoor signage with your company’s color scheme, logos or specific slogans, you can help reinforce your unique brand and create an effective brand association.
  • Additional Company Information and Advertising: Even if a customer is aware of your business, it doesn’t mean they have all of the information they need to make important buying decisions. Indoor signage can help you continue advertising to customers and expand on your company’s key messaging. While exterior signs are limited by size and readability, indoor signs can help you highlight important points and helpful information.
  • Visual Appeal: Clean and attractive graphics and indoor signs can help add character and appeal to your space while also giving customers an impression of your business as a whole. Are you more fun and laid-back, or do you need to present a more serious vibe? With a range of indoor signs, you can also create a more pleasant and visually interesting environment for employees, which can boost overall morale and daily productivity.
  • Federal Regulation Compliance: As part of the Americans with Disabilities Act, businesses are required to have certain types of informational signage throughout their property for both visual and tactile readers. ADA-compliant indoor signage typically encompasses handicap-accessible areas, bathrooms and changing rooms, and more.
  • Information on Seasonal Changes: During different seasons and holidays, you can use indoor signs to update your decor and create a more welcoming and versatile feel throughout your business or use indoor signage as a useful tool for informing your customers of new seasonal items that are in stock or available for a limited time only.

What Are the Best Locations for Your Indoor Signs?

Best locations for indoor signs

There’s no doubt indoor signs offer a range of benefits business owners and managers can’t ignore. Some of the most popular and useful places to install indoor signage include:

  • Behind Registers: If you run a restaurant, having indoor signs near or behind registers with menu options and specific and relevant food preparation information will help enhance your customers’ experiences. Having wall menus and easy-to-read lettering that can be seen even at a distance will help streamline your company’s efficiency by reducing ordering times and answering certain questions before customers reach the register.
  • Beside Cash Wraps: When shopping, customers can become overwhelmed by the amount of inventory they have to choose from. With indoor signage placement in certain locations, you can highlight certain products you’re trying to sell. Another option for cash wrap signage is to advertise certain reward programs or discounts your company is currently offering. When customers are paying for their merchandise, they often don’t want to listen to sales pitches or lectures. By having clear, attractive signs, you can quickly state your message and encourage customers to be more open and approach you about your current programs.
  • Close to Doorways: Exterior signs will help attract customers to your location. But if you’re located in an office complex or building that shares space with other businesses, customers may become confused about where exactly to find you. Use indoor signs in the lobby of your building or other common spaces to clearly identify where guests need to go to find you.

Can Integrated Sign Associates Give Me the Right Indoor Sign Design for My Business?

At Integrated Sign Associates, we’re the leading full-service indoor signage design and creation company for local businesses throughout the greater San Diego area and beyond. By designing new indoor signage for your business with help from the experienced, skilled and innovative experts at Integrated Sign Associates, you’ll not only benefit from improved visual aesthetics, increased brand awareness, and better overall customer experiences, but also enjoy a high-quality sign crafted from the best materials available.

We offer the widest variety of indoor signage style options available, including 2D, 3D, lighted and unlighted, vinyl and push-thru, and digitally printed signs designed and manufactured according to your exact specifications.

For every interior sign design project, we begin with a detailed consultation to discuss your business, and we’ll provide guidance on which indoor signage solutions best meet your overall needs and exceed your expectations. From there, we’ll create detailed drawings and a proposal and gather all the necessary permits and approvals.

Boost Your Image With Custom Interior Sign Design From Integrated Sign Associates

With custom indoor signage, you can add style, convenience and functionality to your business. At Integrated Sign Associates, we’re dedicated to creating the highest-quality and most attractive indoor signs using the latest methods and technology available, including advanced machinery, state-of-the-art software systems and a dedicated, knowledgeable team. We offer indoor signage design and creation services for companies nationwide.

Learn more about our indoor sign products and services by calling 619-579-2229, or request a free project estimate by completing our online quote form.